Command: Aces of the Deep

Now hear this. All personnel who want to see how the Simulation Game of the Year has been improved, report to your software dealer. COMMAND: Aces of the Deep, with its incredible realism and historical accuracy, has taken a giant leap forward with the addition of phenomenal texture-mapped graphics and voice activation.

With Windows 95 and IBM VoiceType, you bark commands at your U-boat crew and watch them respond to your orders to dive, surface, fire torpedoes, and more. While you don't need the voice command option to play the game, it adds yet another dimension to the realism.

Your strategic skills get a sweat-producing workout in the cat-and-mouse pursuit sequences, while a new two-mode deck gun lets you play a more arcade-style game. Here, you get to do to other ships what COMMAND has done to other simulation games: Blow them out of the water.

Shout out the orders, and your crew reacts on the double in the first voice -ac-ti wiled CD-ROM simulation game ever.