Dungeon Keeper

As this fireball zooms down the corridor, you can see its surroundings light up - one of the impressive features of Dungeon Keeper.

Roleplaying games have been a big part of computer gaming since the early days, when the Commodore 64 was the king-daddy of personal computers. While the technology for RPGs has grown with advances in computer hardware, the basic ideas behind them - kill monsters that have invaded a castle/kingdom/dungeon and take all their stuff - have remained pretty much the same. But Dungeon Keeper is an RPG with a difference. The brilliant minds at Bullfrog have used the unbridled creativity that brought us games like Magic Carpet and Syndicate to come up with a new twist: This time around, you're running the dungeon, and trying to keep the heroes out of your domain and away from your treasure.

Part roleplaying game, part strategy game, Dungeon Keeper is one of the most unique titles we've seen. You place monsters where you think they'll do the most good, and pray they don't end up killing each other before those pesky do-gooders arrive.

With multiple views of your dungeon, the ability to play from the third or first person perspective, and some great looking graphics, this could be one of the hottest games of the year. The dungeon is fully texture-mapped, and uses a technique called Real-time Lighting - which means that torches flicker like, well, torches, and shadows move with the light source. The game also supports network play for up to eight players; your friends can be the heroes entering your dungeon, or you can all campaign against the computer.