Dungeon Keeper

As this fireball zooms down the corridor, you can see its surroundings light up - one of the impressive features of Dungeon Keeper.

Roleplaying games have been a big part of computer gaming since the early days, when the Commodore 64 was the king-daddy of personal computers. While the technology for RPGs has grown with advances in computer hardware, the basic ideas behind them - kill monsters that have invaded a castle/kingdom/dungeon and take all their stuff - have remained pretty much the same. But Dungeon Keeper is an RPG with a difference. The brilliant minds at Bullfrog have used the u

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Command: Aces of the Deep

Now hear this. All personnel who want to see how the Simulation Game of the Year has been improved, report to your software dealer. COMMAND: Aces of the Deep, with its incredible realism and historical accuracy, has taken a giant leap forward with the addition of phenomenal texture-mapped graphics and voice activation.

With Windows 95 and IBM VoiceType, you bark commands at your U-boat crew and watch them respond to your orders to dive, surface, fire torpedoes, and more. While you don't need the voice command option to play the game, it adds yet another dimension to the realism.


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Ripley's Believe It or Not: The Riddle of Master Lu

Sanctuary Woods introduces their first graphic adventure with The Riddle of Master Lu, starring the "incomparable, inimitable, illimitable, inestimable introducer of immeasurable, incalculable and incredible impossibilities," Robert Ripley.

It's 1936, and Robert Ripley, known for introducing the world to amazingly strange facts, discovers that someone has broken into his Odditorium, a museum dedicated to his bizarre finds. He traces the source of the break-in to China, a nation struggling through a war with Japan as well as a civil war between Chiang Kai-shek and the Communists. Ripley finds

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Minecraft is Food for the Mind

Worried since you're unable to separate your daughter from Minecraft? Concerned about your son's obsession over the ridiculously popular game? Minecraft doesn't really focus on a story line or making the graphics look great. It's not about blood, gore, slaughtering, and lethal weapons. In fact, it's full of other people, wildlife, trees, and various structures that appear to be made from digital blocks.

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3 Tips to Earn More Coins in Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is played by millions. It’s a simple yet addictive game that lets you take charge of a young kid who never shies away from trouble. On the subway, he is making the inspector and his dog mad. The only option the kid has now is to run to stay out of trouble as the inspector and his dog have started chasing him. You, being the boy, have to guide him forward, helping him jump, roll and dodge the oncoming obstacles and trains.

Earning coins in Subways Surfers is important since they let you buy new items, unlock characters and upgrade powerups. There is a lot that you can do once

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