Geek Central Cake and Information

Before you go to any other event at Geek Central, come over to Pandemonium to pick up a Passport, have some yummy free cake and coffee (tea also available).

For the two days of Geek Central, nearly everything* in Pandemonium will be 25% off!

In addition, come in wearing a costume and we will give you a thingie** that will allow you to celebrate our 25th anniversary one more time. Turn in the thingie any time in the coming year and get the same 25% discount on your purchase you get at Geek Central 2014!

* The Fine Print: The discount is for in-store purchases only and excludes all event fees and all cards singles priced over $4. The Discount does not stack with any other discount.

** So you know, “thingie” is a highly technical term well-known in the retail industry.